About the Author

Autumn Stringam

Autumn Stringam grew up in Alberta, Canada as the second born to a mother who suffered with bipolar affective disorder. She knows first hand the struggles of a child in a bipolar home, and the pain of a mother who suffers with the disorder

After many years of personal struggle with bipolar and after the suicide death of her mother, Autumn was blessed to be among the first recipients of the Truehope Nutritional Program, (originally a simple concoction of vitamins and minerals based on a feed recipe designed for agitated swine!) Her recovery in 1996 was dramatic, drawing the attention of press and government officials. The political battle over the right to choose alternative treatments rather than drug therapy eventually led to the publishing of Autumn's first book, "A Promise of Hope."

Autumn now lives in the United States with Dana, her husband of nineteen years, and their four children. Autumn and Dana have dedicated their careers to giving hope for recovery to those who suffer with mental illness.